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Book of the Month:
Death is a Doorway
by Braxton Hunter

This new book by Braxton Hunter removes doubt
about the future; gives hope for eternity to all
who have lost a loved one; provides answers
to those who are puzzled by why God allowed
them to die; and helps the ones who struggle with
the concept of death, or are tormented by the
knowledge that they themselves must die.


Why Write a Book?

Your life experiences, ideas for a fiction or non-fiction book, self helps, favorite recipes, a cook book, sermons, counseling stories, and countless other subjects, can quickly become a Trade Size paperback book, when Trinity Press Publishing, LLC brings your words to life on the printed page. Your new book will be a source of income and your legacy in print. It will also be a treasured keepsake for your family and friends.

Writing a book will add a new dimension to your life. You will be a published author. Your family, friends, and organizations who know you will be enthusiastic customers for your new book. You may have opportunities to talk about your book at Book Clubs. You will meet excited customers on book signing days in book stores where your book is available for sale.

Pause and think about what you have studied, experienced, created, and learned. You may already have a “book” in your mind. You may even have a manuscript in progress on your computer. You could be holding your first book very soon.

Call a Representative to discuss emailing your manuscript. If you have a previously printed book, you can select a free cover design and send your book to us. The interior pages will be scanned, the new full color cover added, and the reprinted book will be on its way to you. Trinity Press Publishing, LLC publishes all manuscript submissions. You will have your books, and it will also be on its way to wholesalers, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ebook customers in the USA and the United Kingdom.

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